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3DOT Solutions delivers comprehensive cyber security consultancy focused on secure design, information architecture, and operations. Start protecting your business with expert end-to-end cyber security consultancy from 3DOT Solutions.

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3DOT Solutions provide market leading cyber security consultancy services to fit your business requirements. From design through to deployment and implementation, 3DOT matches expertise with projects to optimise the most efficient and effective solutions for your organisations need.

Secure Design

3DOT offers best practice architecture based on secure design principles, ensuring a secure end-to-end environment from the outset.

Secure Architecture

3DOT implements a secure architecture to guarantee that your solution is developed using the most advanced technologies and strategies for protection and reliability.

Secure Operations

3DOT handles design through to deployment, and beyond – meaning your organisation can continue to do what you do best, whilst our experts handle the rest.

End-to-end Cyber Security Solutions

3DOT experienced cyber security consultants provide solutions tailored to meet exacting requirements. Our expert consultants provide a range of services from risk management to network security, and security operations, all designed and implemented by highly-skilled architects and consultants.

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3DOT’s end-to-end cyber security consultancy services are secure by design and implemented by expert personnel sourced through an expansive staff network. 3DOT prides itself on hiring and nurturing the best talent to provide the highest quality service.

Trusted By SMEs, Corporations and HMG

3DOT cyber consultancy services are sought by the highest value clients with the most demanding cyber and IT security challenges.

3DOT has proven its status as a supplier and consultant to central government departments, military agencies and intelligence services, navigating some of the most hostile terrain the cyber security world has to offer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Sourcing cyber security consultants can be a confusing process for many organisations – that’s why 3DOT have put together a quick set of FAQs to answer some frequent questions from new customers.

What is secure technical architecture?

Secure technical architecture is a structured approach to designing and implementing security measures within an organisation’s IT infrastructure to protect against security threats and meet regulatory compliance requirements. 3DOT Solutions takes a security-first approach to technical architecture development. 

What is a secure by design approach?

3DOT develop all our security solutions to fit the requirements of the client with an approach that is secure by design. This means that all software and hardware components used within 3DOT tailored cyber security solutions are compliant with the necessary security standards. A secure by design approach requires expertise in matching the correct hardware with the right software and implemented by engineers that are experts within that type of technology. Matching our technology with the correct expert is one of 3DOT’s specialities and our valuable network of professionals is what makes 3DOT unique to our competition.

How does 3DOT ensure its solutions are secure by design?

3DOT undergoes continual compliance checks to ensure all our processes and procurement chains are to the highest possible standard. 3DOT follows industry best practices and incorporates security principles into every stage of the development process, including threat modeling, code review, and regular security testing to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

Is 3DOT part of any procurement frameworks?

Yes, 3DOT is part of various procurement frameworks that allow organizations to efficiently procure software solutions and services, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and obtaining cost-effective and secure solutions.

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