Careers at 3DOT

3DOT’s solutions are designed, developed and implemented by highly qualified expert practitioners with years, if not decades, of experience. 3DOT hires and retains only the highest-quality talent to drive our team forward, providing clients with the best possible service and keeping our personnel continually expanding the edge of their competency, and the boundaries of our profession.

The 3DOT Approach..

3DOT believes in nurturing talent and that’s why we retain the highest quality individuals to work on our client’s cyber security projects. 3DOT believes in building our personnel into fully fledged professional experts, whether that is starting from graduate or junior level, right up to seasoned professionals, all of whom can be deployed on a range of specialist, highly skilled and uniquely technical tasks.

The 3DOT Ethos

3DOT has an ethos based on accountability, responsibility and transparency, and above all, public service. All 3DOT personnel have a strong work ethic, are self-starters, take responsibility for their actions and ensure that tasks are undertaken with professionalism and precision.

Work with 3DOT

3DOT is continually and openly inviting experts and potential candidates to contact the internal HR team to provide us the opportunity to find talented individuals with the drive to work in fast paced, technically complex projects and environments, protecting some of our Nation’s most valuable assets